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Osborne: 'Ambitious carbon cutting hurts business!' Actual businesses: 'Ambitious carbon targets please!'

If you flick through the Times today, keep an eye out for this ad.

It's calling on the government to stick to our ambitious national carbon cutting targets, a portion of which are up for review next year.

We've joined a whole range of businesses and organisations in putting our name to this.

The tiny grey-on-grey text is hard to read at this size, so I've typed it out below, with a few annotations. Hover over the underlined text to read my explanation:

Why we're not stressing about today's clean energy cuts

Solar Schools: distinctly unflustured

If you've been following the news today, you might have caught a scary story about cuts to government support for wind and solar power.

The news has got a few people worried about what this means for their home solar panels and community energy projects like Solar Schools, and the good news is that these changes aren't nearly as bad as today's stories suggest.

Long story short, the government has spun the story to make a modest subsidy tweak look like a major attack on renewable energy, presumably to get the anti renewables lobby off their backs. 

Here's a couple of key points that have mostly been missed in the media reports:

Reminder: people are amazing

It's the 10th of October. 10/10!

For the last three years, 10/10 has been the day we knock on cynicism's door and run away giggling. The day we put clingfilm over the toilet of business-as-usual, and order unwanted takeaways to the house of despair.

This year we're relaunching our #itshappening project, which showcases all the best climate success stories from around the world.

These local energy projects will restore your faith in humanity

Torrs Hydro in New Mills, Derbyshire

Have you ever stood right up close to a big wind turbine when it's blowing a gale? Or watched the electricity meter run backwards in a solar powered house? It's really something. 

The first ever Community Energy Fortnight, which kicks off on 24 August, is all about experiences like this. There's 24 events, tours and open days lined up around the country, giving people the chance to see some of the UK's coolest clean energy projects up close.

But if you can't make it to an event, here's your consolation prize: six gloom-busting community energy schemes, and the stories behind them. Enjoy!